Enable sales, distributors & partners to succeed with In Mind Cloud's innovative #CPQ, #CRM, and #Commerce solution through Sales & Design Automation.

Streamlining Manufacturing Quoting

  • Provide 100% accurate product selection and solution design
  • Configure quickly and efficiently
  • Deliver an excellent customer experience across all sales channels

“Our time to quote used to take 2-3 weeks and we needed to get a number of engineering experts involved, followed by multiple rounds of approvals. With In Mind Cloud's Sales Platform, we can produce a best-fit solution which is accurate and feasible and all of this only takes us 40 minutes. 

This is a huge game-changer for us and has brought sales and partner enablement to the top."

Tender Manager
In Mind Cloud customer from Engineering and Electrical Equipment company

In Mind Cloud's all-in-one solution enables you to:

Empower precise and high-quality quotes within minutes to accelerate turnaround time.
Empower precise and high-quality quotes within minutes to accelerate turnaround time.
Configure complex products and solutions swiftly and reduce cost of error.
Configure complex products and solutions swiftly and reduce cost of error.
Enable sales teams and partners to exceed customer expectations.
Enable sales teams and partners to exceed customer expectations.



Enabling Sales and Channels with accurate and timely customer solutions

As a Tender or Product Manager in the manufacturing industry, you face the challenge of conveying critical product knowledge to support sales and channels in creating high-quality proposals.

The complexity of having countless variables from products, through configurations, to service offerings and bundles builds up cycle times significantly.

In order to enable your sales and partners to deliver the seamless buying experience your customers expect, you will need a comprehensive end-to-end solution that supports your processes.

Does your current setup deliver this?

In Mind Cloud’s all-in-one sales solution combines the power of CRM, CPQ and Commerce with your production data, and enables you to deliver accurate and complete solutions, all within minutes.

Eliminate the process of running through hundreds of spreadsheets and have all the data you need a few clicks away. Now you can support sales with reduced potential for errors, streamline workflows and provide the buying experience your customers deserve.

The winning formula for Tender & Product Managers

Streamline your quotation process and deliver perfect match customer solutions with our uniquely built Manufacturing X Sales Platform

Sales Management CRM Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

  • Complex configuration made easy
    Eliminate errors and increase accuracy for best-match quotes and highest customer satisfaction via advanced configuration functionalities. Intelligent upselling and cross-selling boost your deal size once more. 
  • Real-time costing and pricing
    Ensure profitability even for the most complex costing and pricing scenarios thanks to always available backend and production data availability. 
  • Technical data availability
    Use all your technical data during solution creation to speed up the process once more. Include product collaterals, sales texts, visuals and brochures at a click and leverage existing tools such as Excel, CAD and Google Maps within one system.

Sales Simplification CPQ Platform & Collaboration

  • Business Scalability and Quick Time-to-Value:
    Integrate seamlessly into your existing processes and infrastructure. Flexibly grow business models and expand into new channels and regions as fast as possible.
  • Streamlined collaborations
    Increase turnaround times and accuracy with maximum efficiency in collaboration for sales engineering, purchase, production and all other involved departments or channel partners.
  • Product and Price Data from ERP
    Provide ONE single source of truth and use ERP material or item master, variant configuration, cost data and ERP price calculation - all available 24/7 on any device for sales teams, customers and distributors.


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