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Quotation & Proposal Management

  • Streamline your quotation processes
  • Remove costly errors
  • Win more deals with less effort

What is Quotation & Proposal Management Software?

Every proposal has the potential to help move your business ahead of competition. Quotation Management Software or Proposal Management Software enables manufacturing companies to manage the proposal, tender and Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) process efficiently and deliver an outstanding buying experience. 

By automating the entire quoting process, sales and tender management teams are empowered to create high-quality proposals, that present manufacturing products or solutions in a professional and compelling way in no time. A powerful configuration, pricing and document template engine supports sales to compile 100% custom-tailored content and include all necessary technical and product documents. 

A winning Proposal Management Software reflects the specific requirements of your manufacturing industry and provides seamless integration to #CRM and #CPQ, while ensuring always up-to-date product and cost data from ERP

Manufacturing X - Trusted by Manufacturers worldwide

Manufacturing X - Trusted by Manufacturers worldwide


What are the Benefits?

deal closures
100% correct products, prices, and margins. Deliver made-to-win quotes to drive customer satisfaction and deal closures.
Automate, simplify and accelerate the proposal process to reduce time to quote and save costs.
Automate, simplify and accelerate the proposal process to reduce time to quote and save costs.
Document the RFQ history centrally and track all changes to improve accountability and legal compliance.
Document the RFQ history centrally and track all changes to improve accountability and legal compliance.



Proposal & Quotation Management Features

Here's how it helps you to win more deals in less time:
Manufacturing Product Selection, Pricing & Costing


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Manufacturing Product Selection & Pricing

  • Effortlessly select the right products via Advanced Product Search, Copy Quote or simply use Guided Selling and Visual Product Finder to achieve best-match customer solutions.
  • Master the complex rules of your Product and Solution Configurations and lead your sales force to eradicate errors.
  • Make sure your sales teams and channel partners quote for the accounts in their territory with the right terms and conditions with Account Management.

Costing & Pricing Automation

  • No more costing and pricing errors! Always use correct data from your ERP, matching the right region and account group pricelists.
Analytics & Integration
  • Accelerate your sales cycle by actionable analytics insights into quote status & history, pipeline management, and sales performance.
  • Create Custom Dashboards & Reports such as 360° Account Overviews and leverage Pipeline Dashboards to always focus on the most relevant opportunities.
  • Integrations with third-party providers allow your teams to create accurate proposals at maximum efficiency.

Powerful Template Engine

  • Generate beautifully branded and accurately formatted quotes, project summaries or other documents quickly from any device or location.

  • Deliver your proposals in the format that works best for your customer: PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel.

  • Create template libraries to match regions, customer requirements, project types, etc. with intuitive report builders.

Multi-Language Support

  • Build engaging proposals faster and select the language of your customers or generate multiple versions in different languages at a click.

Attachment & Document Builder

  • Attach all required documents to turn your quote into a media-rich, compelling and complete offer: manufacturing product documentation, technical datasheets, cost break-downs, technical drawings, product images, etc.
Proposal Builder, Template Engine & Attachment Builder


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Proposal Collaboration, Workflows, Approvals


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Proposal Collaboration, Workflows & Follow-Up

  • Track, edit and update your proposals in collaboration with the necessary people from Finance to Engineering or Tender Management. 
  • Leverage workflows, approvals, commenting and real-time notifications to get proposals out the door in no time.
  • Always make sure that quotations are followed up by leveraging Activity Management and email client integration (Outlook, Google Mail).

Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Have all your technical content available on one platform: be it specifications, configurations, sales texts and the always up-to-date costs and prices.
  • Create dynamic content such as CAD drawings, Maps or other visualizations and add them to your quote documents.


  • Send and sign your deals faster with seamless integration to the number 1 eSignature solution DocuSign