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CRM for Manufacturing

  • End-to-end sales efficiency

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  • Insight-to-action for success

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has evolved over the years. It has become smarter, more connected, and more customer-centric. This transformation, however, comes at a price. Your business models and sales processes are now more complex than ever before. 

To manage this complexity, manufacturers are increasingly adopting CRMs purpose-built for manufacturing industries.

The right CRM empowers you to manage your entire lead-to-order process through one system and aligns always up-to-date information from your ERP, CPQ, and Commerce systems with your customers.

With an unprecedented 360-degree view of your customers and sales engagements across channels, you can make fast and informed decisions at every stage of the sales process.

Our winning Manufacturing CRM sets your focus on the right products, accounts, and most profitable manufacturing projects at all times. Moreover, it elevates your business to match your customers’ needs now and in the future. 

Manufacturing X - Trusted by Manufacturers worldwide

Manufacturing X - Trusted by Manufacturers worldwide


What are the Benefits?

feature_CRM_customer data
Drive customer satisfaction and positive outcomes to record highs with 100% accurate customer data.​
Significantly lower cost-of-sales and increase profits by automating and accelerating your lead-to-order process. ​
feature_CRM_valuable analytics
Focus on the most profitable opportunities with a dashboard that displays highly actionable customer insights.​



Manufacturing CRM Features

Here's how it helps you to win more deals in less time:
Sales Management - 360º Transparency across all your channels


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Sales Management - 360º Transparency across all your channels

Opportunity & Pipeline Management across all Channels

  • Manage your sales funnel for direct sales and dealers via one platform with real-time access to all customer interaction data using our Three-In-One Platform
  • Always act on the most profitable leads and opportunities to increase conversion rates with Opportunity Scoring and Sales Phases Management
  • Manage all relevant customer or RFQ documents right in your CRM with Document Management
  • Enjoy 100% accurate Sales Performance Reports including weighted volume forecasts and probability analytics at a few clicks.

360 Account & Contact Management for Manufacturing

  • Capture and find all your account, product, and engagement data in one single source of truth. With Account360 you track all your customer interactions, quotes, sales, and project stages from RFQ to delivery in one system to exceed in customer and operational excellence.
  • Manage and maintain your Account Master Data inc Sales Areas, Account Teams, Involved entities like Dealers or Account Hierarchies, Payment Terms, etc. easily and harness SAP Account Integration from S/4 and ECC to avoid any errors caused in the past by siloed data.
  • Handle your most valuable Customer and Partner Contacts and call with one click using our intuitive Contact Management.

Forecasting & Reporting

  • Have one central entry point and quick access to all real-time account, opportunity, and quote data as well as external content such as service portals.
  • Gain an aggregated view over your key metrics such as on-going sales engagements, pipeline forecast, win-rates, and their history to identify and prioritize revenue opportunities instantly.
  • Visualize your key metrics and performance indicators in Custom Dashboards to maximize the efficiency of your daily decision-making processes.
  • Effectively control your sales engagements with Saved Search Filters and quickly check on segmented lists of accounts, status reports of leads, pre-filtered segments of opportunities, quotes, and orders.
  • Create accurate Forecast & Pipeline Reports with ease to manage your teams and goals productively.

Sales Efficiency – master the full end-to-end sales cycle in one system

Sales Cockpit

  • Power your decision-making with customized dashboards in your Sales Cockpit. View KPIs, break-downs, and take direct actions to access opportunities, quotes, and accounts.
  • Overcome your bottlenecks and leverage quick access to accounts, leads, opportunities, and quotes with pre-defined filters to boost efficiency with 'Saved Search' filters.
  • Collect and integrate information from external systems such as service or logistics portal on ONE platform to make holistic operational and strategic decisions.

Activity and Task Management incl. Gantt Charts

  • Streamline your sales process with our efficient RFQ and Task Management. Make sure your deals and tenders are moving forward and keep your sales team engaged to create an excellent sales journey that wins and retains customers.
  • Visualize and track even the most complex sales cycles step-by-step with actionable Gantt Charts so that all dependencies are well managed.
  • Drive Collaboration across departments to the highest efficiency and bring transparency to your organizations.

Work directly within Outlook and Gmail

  • Access your CRM and Quote information right from your Outlook or Gmail, constantly complete your customer profile with new contacts, stored email conversations or attachments
  • Intelligently capture and track your communications with customers, dealers and other parties with Email Management integrating Office365 Outlook and GMail
  • Keep your Sales Activities and Meetings organized and transfer your meetings and tasks from CRM directly into your Office365 or Google Calendar.
Sales Efficiency – master the full end-to-end sales cycle in one system


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CPQ for all your Channels and Business Models


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CPQ for all your Channels and Business Models

Configure-to-Order (CTO)

  • Churn out best-match customer solutions within minutes with the Visual Product FinderGuided Selling, and Up- and Cross-Selling Recommendations.
  • Master the complex rules of your Product and Solution Configurations, including SAP Variant Configuration (LO-VC), and manage your knowledge with ease in one system.
  • Visualize your solutions with Dynamic Product Images based on your configuration to picture exactly what you are selling or buying.
  • Ensure correct prices with variations automatically applied based on the features selected during the product configuration.
  • Always use correct list prices for relevant sales regions and currencies.

Engineer-to-Order (ETO)

  • Make your most complex engineering knowledge available to sales and manage it with ease via condition-based, variant table-based, or custom rules.
  • Visualize your engineering solutions with Interactive Maps or CAD drawings.
  • Easily find products, materials, parts, and processes via our Product Catalogue and the Advanced Product Search as well as a quick selection of Related Products and Services.
  • Power your costing and pricing with always correct and unified data from your ERP.


  • Balance costs and margins while eliminating errors with Dynamic Cost Simulations and Mass Changes.
  • Protect your long-term margins in scenarios with frequently varying cost factors and repeated cost and price re-calculations and negotiations with Long-term Cost Tracking.
  • Change Offer Management guarantees that the profitability doesn’t suffer over the duration of the contract