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CPQ for Manufacturing

  • 100% accuracy, no errors, big profit
  • Super-fast product selection and product configuration
  • Deal-winning quotes across channels

What is Configure Price Quote Software?

Manufacturing sales is challenging: Sales teams need to produce accurate, professional, and quick sales quotes of complex products while eliminating errors and inefficiencies. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), or quote management software addresses this issue by streamlining product configuration, cost and price calculation, as well as quote and order generation.

A manufacturing CPQ empowers sales to deliver a 100% tailored proposal to each customer based on their specific wants and needs. Features, such as Guided Selling, Product Catalogue and Product Configurator allow sales teams to find the right products and solutions quickly and select the preferred features faster. A Pricing Engine enables sales to calculate accurate prices within seconds. Advanced Cost Calculation and Simulation, as well as Approval Workflows help sales to better manage costs and protect margins.

A winning CPQ solution empowers sales teams and channels to quote without having vast product knowledge. It integrates the required specialist input via models and Engineering Collaboration features and includes valuable ERP Backend information in real-time. Further, it automates the CPQ (Configuration, Pricing, Quoting, +Costing, +Ordering) part of the process so sales gains the power to exceed customer expectations:

Deliver deal-winning quotes in the shortest amount of time possible!


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What are the Benefits?

product matches
Always match your customers’ needs – no more errors in configuration, costing, pricing and orders
Accelerate your manufacturing sales to deliver made-to-win quotes on point.
digital buying
Grow digital buying and collaboration channels to beat your competition



Manufacturing CPQ Features

Here's how it helps you to create winning quotes with less effort:
Manufacturing Product Selection & Configuration



Manufacturing Product Selection & Configuration

Product Selection Made Easy

  • Accelerate your most time-consuming and knowledge-demanding process steps: Select the right features, parts, services, materials or manufacturing processes easily with the help of visual aids and built-in rules.
  • Turn searching into finding with our Product Catalogue and the Advanced Product Search as well as quick selection of Related Products and Services.
  • Churn out best-match customer solutions within minutes with the Visual Product Finder, Guided Selling and Up- and Cross Selling Recommendations.

Streamlined Product & Solution Configuration

  • Master the complex rules of your Product and Solution Configurations to support for Make-to-Stock, Configure-to-Order, Engineer-To-Order or Mass-Production Estimation.
  • Make your most complex product and engineering knowledge available to sales and manage it with ease via condition-based, variant table-based or custom rules.
  • Leverage Copy Quote and Mass Updates for product configurations to gain maximum efficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrate with SAP ERP to guarantee up-to-date product information and use Variant Configuration on one platform.

Dynamic Solution Visualization

  • Visualize your solutions with Interactive Solution Maps for component selection and Dynamic Product Images based on your configuration to picture exactly what you are selling or buying.
  • Make your technical tools available via one platform to create dynamic technical configurations such as CAD drawings or Interactive Maps. The result? Maximum accuracy and 100% need-to-product matches.


Costing and Pricing Tailored for Manufacturing

 Error-free costing

  • Enable your sales to quote competitive prices while protecting margins with Dynamic Cost Estimation for Solutions, Projects, or Mass Production or Customer-Specific Costing Schemes.
  • Features such as Dynamic Simulations and Mass Changes help you to balance costs and margins while eliminating errors
  • Protect your margins in scenarios with frequently varying cost factors and repeated cost and price re-calculations and negotiations with Long-term Cost Tracking.
  • Change Offer Management guarantees that the profitability doesn’t suffer over the duration of the contract

Competitive Pricing

  • Ensure correct prices with variations automatically applied based on the features selected during product configuration. Always use correct list prices for relevant sales regions and currencies.
  • Support sales flexibility without compromising on pricing accuracy with Customer-specific Price Strategies following Costing Schemes.

100% ERP Integration

  • Power your costing and pricing with always correct and unified data from your ERP.
Costing and Pricing Tailored for Manufacturing



Proposal Management and Order Creation



Proposal Management and Order Creation

Quote Collaboration

  • Edit, update and track versions of your proposals in collaboration with the necessary stakeholders from Finance to Engineering or Tender Management.
  • Leverage Workflows, Approvals, Commenting and real-time Notifications to get proposals out the door in no time.
  • Always make sure that quotations are followed up by leveraging Activity and Task Management and Email Client Integration (Outlook, Google Mail).

Powerful Template Engine

  • Generate beautifully branded and accurately formatted quotes, project summaries, or other documents quickly from any device or location.
  • Deliver your proposals in the format that works best for your customer: PDF, Microsoft Word, or Excel.
  • Create template libraries to match regions, customer requirements, project types, etc. with intuitive report builders.

Attachment & Document Builder

  • Attach all required documents to turn your quote into a media-rich, compelling and complete offer: manufacturing product documentation, technical datasheets, cost break-downs, technical drawings, product images, etc.
  • Build engaging proposals faster and select the language of your customers or generate multiple versions in different languages at a click with our Multi-Language Support.

SAP ERP Order Management

  • Ensure smooth and accurate order processing and fulfilment via end-to-end ERP Order Integration. Streamline your order creation processes, whether you require just a simple order with configuration data, creation of new materials or want to integrate into a project management system.
  • Gain efficiency in Engineer-to-Order processes by utilizing our Material Master Creation, including Production BOM and Production Planning (Routing).

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