Most streamlined manufacturing sales processes in 2022

In Mind Cloud 2205 Release

22/05 Product Release highlights:

ECommerce Sales Portal:

  1. Find pre-configured variants that match customer needs
  2. Order/Inquiry confirmation email with PDF order summary

CPQ - Configure Price Quote:

  1. Quick-Add Quote Line Item with auto-suggest
  2. Identify Pre-configured variant, and configure for exact requirements match
  3. Show all configurable line items in the new configuration UI
  4. Quote copy to include manual entry details and zero-price items

Digital Sales Platform Core Functionalities:

  1. Unlock and restore work from previous configuration session
  2. Outlook enhancement: Crop email, auto-sync, account sync
  3. Cache management for master data

Download the latest 22/05 Release Summary to find out more about how our Digital Sales Platform has been improved to support your manufacturing sales needs.