Digitalising  manufacturing sales with In Mind Cloud's end-to-end sales solution that unifies #CPQ, #CRM, and #Sales Portal

The all-in-one platform for forward-thinking CIOs

  • Focus on agility, innovation & cost-efficiency
  • Support your organization end-to-end with our flexible and seamlessly integrated solution

”With In Mind Cloud’s solution we have been able simplify and streamline a multitude of processes with a broad reach from sales, through engineering, aftersales, to finance and management. The deep ERP integration has proven incredibly valuable in providing end-to-end processes from production, to CRM and CPQ, to order and back into production. All the while guaranteeing the highest level of data accuracy playing back into exceptional reporting capabilities.

Being built on SAP Cloud Platform and coming with a number of out-of-the-box integrations, like CAD and Google Maps, we were able to implement it much faster than expected and scale it to our global business needs.  The ease of use and therewith strong adoption rate is contributing to an amazing time-to-value."

In Mind Cloud Customer from the Engineering & Plastics Processing Industry

In Mind Cloud's all-in-one platform to complete your digitalization strategy 

Provide deep integration with ERP, 3rd party CRMs and commerce front-ends via the SAP Cloud Platform
Provide native 2-way integration with ERP, 3rd party CRMs and commerce front-ends via the SAP Cloud Platform
Enable business growth globally and expand into new channels with flexible scalability and outstanding user experience
Enable business growth globally and expand into new channels with flexible scalability and outstanding user experience
Guarantee 24/7 and global availability through SAP data centres and a fast time-to-value with easy customization
Fast time-to-value with easy customization and guarantee 24/7 and global availability through SAP data centres



Future-proof your solution portfolio

As a modern CIO, delivering an overall and future-fit IT strategy to match the company goals is your responsibility. 

Your IT strategy affects the efficiency of each and every Sales Rep, how profound the decisions of Sales Managers are made, and overall, how well the business can react to customer and market movements.

To provide an end-to-end IT solution, you will need a platform that delivers on the requirements of manufacturing sales and leadership. It needs to guarantee seamless integration into your existing IT landscape and quick time-to-value with minimal maintenance cost.

However, is your current infrastructure future-ready?

With In Mind Cloud's Manufacturing X Sales Platform that is built on the SAP Cloud Platform you can combine the power of CRM, CPQ and Commerce with production expertise and intelligent insights to operate efficiently and scale the company's growth. 

The winning formula for CIOs

Here's how you can guarantee a seamless sales process with our uniquely built Manufacturing X Sales Platform.

Sales Management CRM CRM, CPQ & Commerce

  • Business Scalability and Quick Time-to-Value:
    Integrate seamlessly into your existing processes and infrastructure. Flexibly grow business models and expand into new channels and regions as fast as possible.
  • Customer 360:
    Uncover risks before they turn into hard-to-fix problems or damage the customer relationship with always up-to-date information about your customer engagements.
  • Pipeline Management & Innovation Boost:
    Always act on the most profitable business opportunities for fast conversion and introduce innovations quickly.
  • Market Insights:
    Gain full insights into market demands to receive accurate reports and forecast your production capacity.
  • Outstanding User Experience:
    Leverage powerful efficiency features when selling complex products:  solution configuration, copy quote, guided selling, cross- and up-selling recommendations - all embedded in an easy-to-use application supporting CTO, ATO and ETO business models.


Sales Simplification CPQ End-to-end Integration

  • Product and Price Data from ERP

    Provide ONE single source of truth and use ERP material or item master, variant configuration, cost data and ERP price calculation - all available 24/7 on any device for sales teams, customers and distributors.

  • 100% Accurate Customer Data

    Leverage your ERP account master data, just as well as business partner data and terms of business. Guarantee swift global roll-outs to new regions or channels with full support for prospects.

  • Self-Service Order Entry and Material Creation

    Streamline or automate all your order creation processes, no matter whether you require just a simple order with configuration data, creation of new materials or want to integrate into a project management system.

  • Out-of-the-box 3rd Party and Custom Integrations 
    Dynamic Integration capabilities with all major CRMs, commerce systems and ERPs, Email Clients, CAD, Maps, Microsoft Excel, BI platforms or build your custom integrations with ease using a general purpose scripting language.