Digitalising sales with In Mind Cloud's innovative #CPQ, #CRM and #ECommerce solution that evolves with your organization.

Predictable Revenue & Growth

  • Increase profitability & efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Stay ahead of competition

“Within the first year of sales operations after implementation of In Mind Cloud’s solution, we experienced a 3-5% growth. Overall deal closure rates improved, and the solution helped us to focus on the most important opportunities, as well as to execute these sales deals flawlessly.

Through providing accurate quotes with accurate terms and conditions we were able to save a massive amount in wrong orders per year. Additionally, the number of changes in production dropped from 26 product changes to less than 5 contributing to the massive savings that we achieved during the past year.”


Head of Customer Engagement,
Satisloh AG, Member of the Essilor Group

In Mind Cloud's all-in-one platform provides you with comprehensive visibility

Have key revenue metrics and market insights at your fingertips
Have key revenue metrics and market insights at your fingertips
Enable fast innovation to market and expansion to new channels and regions
Enable fast innovation to market and expansion to new channels/regions
Streamline sales and operational efficiency to maximise profitability
Streamline sales and operational efficiency to maximise profitability



Power your business growth

As a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or business owner, you feel the immense pressure of being responsible for driving top-line profitability, improving sales efficiency, and leading company growth via innovations and market expansion to maximise revenue. 

To gain a crystal-clear vision of your business directions you rely on 100% accurate and real-time insights to all sales revenue contributing factors, sales cycles and market movements. 

Does your current setup deliver these?

In Mind Cloud's single source of truth sales platform combines the power of CRM and CPQ with production expertise and intelligent insights to get you one step ahead of your competitors.

The winning formula for CEOs

Here's how you can increase profitability and boost sales efficiency with our uniquely built Manufacturing X Sales Platform.

Sales Management CRM Sales Management CRM

  • Market & Customer Insights:
    Gain full insights into your customers and market demands to receive accurate reports at ease.
  • Opportunity & Innovation Boost:
    Always act on the most profitable business opportunities for fast conversion and introduce innovations quickly.
  • Business Scalability:
    Integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Flexibly grow business models and expand into new channels and regions.

Sales Simplification CPQ Sales Simplification CPQ

  • Solution Configuration:
    Sell the right products, in the right combination to the right customer at maximum profit in no time.
  • Interactive Costing & Pricing:
    Compute and calculate costs and prices in 70% less time.
  • Quote & Tender:
    Guided quoting and tender creation for for complete, consistent and fast proposals.


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