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After-Sales Commerce -
A Manufacturing Business Goldmine

Watch our exclusive on-demand webinar to learn from machine manufacturer Satisloh and G2's independent analysts how to unlock your After-Sales revenue potential.

Slim margins, global competition, and increasing customer demands are reshaping the manufacturing industry for years. Whilst manufacturers are struggling with the complexities of their business, the COVID-19 crisis has intensified customer requests for frictionless buying experiences. But as old processes come under pressure, new opportunities arise with customer-centric Commerce and digital After-Sales models.

Presented by: In Mind Cloud, Satisloh & G2

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What you can expect in this webinar:

  • The shift in B2B commerce – challenges and opportunities identified by independent market analysts from G2, the leading review-based analyst platform
  • Winning After-Sales Commerce in manufacturing – a customer case study with global machine manufacturer Satisloh
  • Pivoting your After-Sales strategy – how customer-centricity pays dividends in complex customer relationships
  • A look behind the curtain – After-Sales Commerce in practice
  • Digital Go-to-market – a holistic strategy for manufacturing companies and a future outlook

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